5 Stunning Responsive Design Templates to Try on

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You must be hearing the terms ‘responsive design’ and ‘mobile friendly sites’ a lot lately and we know exactly why this idea has got such a prominence. Users could feel more convenient and simple to access such websites through multiple devices. So as to retain in the internet industry and to make a foothold there, you should think about it already.

According to the status reports, only 25% of the web is using responsive websites, which means there is still work for you to get a dime in your basket. If you look ahead for better user experience, SERP ranking and stay relevant, then pack up your gear to upgrade your website to responsive format. Here are 5 stunning templates you could try while upgrading the same.

1.Metronic (Price: £17.10)
Since the introduction of the theme, it has been one of the most popular theme available in themeforest. The main factor which bring it to the popular list is that it get updated frequently. All the algorithm updates and trends will be integrated to this theme within short time. So all you will be seeing is an up-to-date web theme all the time. It supports SAAS, AngularJS and a lot other layout options, Bootstrap 3.3.4 and more than 700 template pages.

2.Elice (Free)
This design template is best suited for bloggers to exhibit their content website in a better responsive form. It has a clean structure with simple navigation and properly optimized. It also comes with unlimited other options including mobile friendly menu bar, threaded comment option, custom forms etc.

3.Maskitto Light (Free)
This product of Shufflehound is compatible for everyday use websites. It is clean, have simple navigation and user friendly. It is 100% compatible with wordpress and have a lot of customizable options to create unique web experiences with each of your projects. The contact page, buttons, page appearance is the main area you could implement your creativity at its best.

4.Canvas (Price: £10.13)
Most of you must be familiar with this multi purpose web design theme. Whether you are creating a simple website for a hospital or for an ecommerce site, this theme will match for you. Themeforest provide this with more than 50 home page templates, hundreds of HTML files, Ajax contact forms and so on.

5.Rhythm (Price: £10.13)
Themeforest have provided you with this wonderful template with mesmerising addons. It comes with more than 150 HTML files, 40 demos as well as hundreds of shortcodes, animation options, icons etc. Due to this attractive nature, it was even mentioned in AWWWards. It integrates easily with MailChimp and Ajax and is powered by Bootstrap.
Hope you had a nice read through these stunning web design templates. Make sure to call us on 02083634905 to create a killer responsive website even without using any of the known templates.

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“Mobilegeddon”- Mobile friendly Algorithm Update Made Live

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To put an end to our waiting, Google has officially announced Mobile-Friendly Algorithm (referred as mobilegeddon) update on yesterday – 21st April 2015. It is expected that a substantial percentage of mobile search queries will be affected as a result of this update. People has evolved their browsing nature from computer to smart phones which made Google to think about providing the most relevant and timely results on their finger tips. The site owners and SEO people will be pretty much clear about the constant algorithm updates like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird etc and they left most people in industry, fear about the penalty issues. Through properly following the methods and guidelines the deserved ones stayed safe. But these updates ultimately resulted to timely and relevant search results to the users. And the same will be the aim of current update too.

Google mobile Friendly Update

There were a lot of warnings about the nature of this algorithm from last month itself, so we could be ready with our guards to face the update. This was the first time in history that Google has gives us warnings in advance notice.

Google has already quoted it in this blog:
“We will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

We could say that that this is a historical revolution to Google search results which gave more prominence for searching using a particular interface (device). Even though Google has announced it lately, the signs were there from last year itself. The agencies that reacted to this won’t need to suffer, but the others could probably lose their customers to the hands of competitors in no time.

Am I in trouble?

It seems that this update won’t affect the search queries in desktop and tablets but in smart phones. As smart phones have relatively smaller display and often work in slower networks, a site specifically optimized to mobile will only survive. In addition, the news section, image search, local business listings will not be impacted by this update. Google has confirmed that only mobile search listings or “10 blue links” will be affected from this update. Google’s Garry Illyes has confirmed about this in Twitter:

Garry Illyes-Google-Twitter Update

As mobile friendliness is becoming an important ranking signal, make it as a strict policy to optimize your website for mobile. You can use this mobile friendly test to check how much compatible your website is.

To let you know about the effect of this update in detail, we will need some time to analyze the changes live in action. Make sure to call us on 020 8363 4905 to save you from all these troubles and to show you a clear path.

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Do Cross Sell More Effectively

With the current level of competitive market, it is getting very difficult to acquire more customers in all seasons of time. So people are looking for more techniques to cope up with the market changes. Cross selling is one such idea which could assist you with exactly this scenario. This not only benefits the merchants but also the customers to a large extend.


Through cross selling, a merchant can sell more products to their customers and keeping them in contact for more time. The customer here is not being left when he completes a purchase, he again thinks of buying some additional stuffs from the same merchant. This brings the merchant to a new level of marketing by selling more of their stuffs. The customers are becoming flexible to buy some supplementary products along with the initial purchase and could save more time.

Even though the cost of main purchase is a lot different from the cross selled product, it still brings a lot of revenue to ecommerce merchants. From a study done at Amazon, they made 35% yearly revenue just from the cross selling. So why don’t you try this idea and make a considerable growth in your outcome. Here are some tips that could help you with the successful management of Cross-Selling:


Understand your customers clearly. You should get know about their likes and desires before offering the supplementary products. The accessories suitable to be attached with amateaur photographer and a professional one will be different. You can list out the camera case for former and interchangeable lens in the latter case.

Relevancy is an important factor to consider while doing cross selling. The supplementary item should compliment the main product so that the customer will be eager to buy them together. If they are unmatched, it could lead to a negative perception towards the company.

Pass the message legitimately. The recommendation labels you select should sound naturally and pleasing. It should catch their mind like it is an advice from a legitimate hand. Use labels like “Customers who bought this item also bought” or “Frequently bought together” which are the prime examples from Amazon and is being followed by a lot other marketers.

Selection of items. You should be cautious on what you are choosing as supplementary products. Customers might have already fixed a budget before making the purchase so they won’t be ready to spend double the money. Always choose products which cost less than 20% of the main product. Also keep a limit about the no:of items you are listing. An overwhelmed list could make the customer make them confuse and may even abandon the whole purchase.

Offer only quality products. Don’t intend on clearing out your goods through some cheap sale method. Only attach the product which is of high quality just as the main product. If customer got a negative feeling about the credibility of the product this will affect your reputation very badly.

Understand your customers clearly. You should get know about their likes and desires before offering the supplementary products. The accessories suitable to be attached with amateaur photographer and a professional one will be different. You can list out the camera case for former and interchangeable lens in the latter case.

The main tip to make your customers delighted is by offering products which they actually seek for. This can inturn create a positive perception towards the company. If you are an existing business person having a webstore without the idea of cross-sell, remember that you are missing an additional revenue.

Mobile App Techniques & Marketing Trends for 2015

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Mobile app development











We all know that another year has drawn to its end and it have welcomed 2015 with full hands. Mobile app technology is thriving and continuing to evolve year after year. The mobile app markets are evolving their goal from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices and Internet of Things. And it is sure that the app marketing industry is going to strike more in this year.

Lets look into some remarkable app technology trends that you will be facing this year.

Quick developments
As the enterprises couldn’t keep up with the demand of mobile apps, the app companies are getting insisted on developing and launching their products at a faster rate. They are mainly focusing on reducing the development lifecycle and to fasten the release date. This will make us to get introduced to lot and lot apps and products in mobile app market.

Cloud services
As with the introduction of more and more app devices and products, customers would be forced to check out some technologies which could help them to integrate and sync the apps in all the devices. By using cloud technology, developers can build apps which could be accessed in multiple platforms with same function.

More security
In the light of the threats faced by mobile and tablet companies, they are lot more alert to the attack of virus and hacking. But still the reports shows that there will be more loopholes in the security systems which make them vulnerable to attack.

Wearable solutions
More than a concept of usage, people find the wearable techniques as a sign of trend & fashion. These kind of applications and devices also target health and fitness so there will be people who look in to this with extreme seriousness. Reports show that enterprises are focusing on wearable techniques to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Yet there are thousands of other trends expected to be fall on mobile/tablet apps development in 2015. Be updated about the industry and put in all your efforts to create a better solution each time. Make sure you are also looking from a customer perspective not just from marketer perspective.

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How to Make Facebook Campaign More Effective?

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If you are thinking about promoting your business through social networks, first you have to gather knowledge about the endless opportunities it can offer you. Then you should pick the best opportunity that will go in line with your business. Just spending a lot of money over campaigns won’t get you the best leads. Even with a limited budget you can get handful of potential customers if you are following the right procedures.

Just like you wouldn’t air a radio ad on TV, you shouldn’t promote business in Facebook like how you do in television or magazines. Here you will discover some simple and creative tips to make your Facebook marketing campaign more effective and fruitful.

Come out of the aggressive tone

90% of the people logging on Facebook is to build a friend network and to have a fun time. If you are showing the real marketing face to those people, you wouldn’t last long in such an environment. So it is better to take part in communities and groups where you can mingle with the public and then introduce your services proving that it will help them out. Trust factor is the prime thing you can build up from such an environment. Don’t forget that it is not just these people who would be knowing about your service, word of mouth can bring it to a much wider audience group.


Have a goal in mind


You should be having a clear goal in mind about what you actually want from facebook marketing. For example, if you have a restaurant and you need to increase the sale by 20% in next three months. You can prepare a strategy similar to the one below:

      1. Publish daily posts detailing each day’s special recipe and you may even offer some deals or coupons.


      2. Post pictures of the chefs, the infrastructure or even some customers hanging along with the employees.


    3. Request customers to share their own pictures enjoying food at your restaurant.

Having a well defined goal can help you to pave the right path for marketing and to track the goal.

Post pattern

Make sure that all the posts you have been doing is non commercial. If should be in a manner that communicates with people. Also do the updates regularly, never miss out any chance to be a part of follower’s timeline. Write posts which could attract people into it. Include smileys, images and videos along with the text content. Images and videos will always catch more attention than the text content.

Maintain your relationship

It may take sometime to get potential followers in facebook. After getting their contact, make sure that you are maintaining the relationship in the best manner. Always do sincere engagement in communities, groups and even in personal messages.

Track the performance

If you have followed the right method of promotion, it is sure that you will be benefited from the effort. track the followers, leads and all other reporting metrics from facebook insights. It can help you to understand your present stand and you can decide on which area needs more improvement.

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Importance of Digital Marketing

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Technology has put the business in the digital age. The consumption of digital contents across globe is increasing on a daily basis. Digital marketing has become a vital part of today’s business, and companies have started recognizing its importance.

To define digital marketing in simple terms, it is the promotion of brands, products or services of a company with the help of digital media. What makes digital marketing different from traditional marketing is that it involves use of channels or methods that enables a business or organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what is not, on a real time basis. The channels which is more closely associated with digital marketing is internet, others include wireless text messaging, mobile apps, digital television, radio channels etc.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

Digital marketing is important not only because of its rapid growth, but also because it is essentially the future of marketing. All the traditional marketing methods will soon disappear; digital marketing will replace them all together. Digital media is so persuasive that consumers can have access to information any time and place they want it.

Some advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing are:

  1. Digital marketing is more affordable compared to the traditional marketing strategies. An e-mail or social media campaign can transmit same message for less money than a TV-ad or newspaper advertisement. Also social media campaigns can reach a wider audience anywhere in the world.
  2. Easier to track the results. Digital marketing helps to track the result of a campaign on a real time basis, which helps to plan the strategies more effectively and make changes instantly.
  3. The number of consumers. Traditional marketing has lost a huge amount of consumers. Even people have started to access their newspaper through i-pads or tablets. A recent study of UK National Statics shows that more than 82% of UK adults went online in the first three months of 2011.


Digital Marketing – Encouraging Facts and Figures

The Global Digital Statistics provides the following facts which encourage digital marketing:


• 2.5 Billion People are online.

• 1.8 Billions are on social networks.

• Top social networks have added 135 million more users in 2013.

• Facebook now has 1.184 Billion Users

• There are 6.5 Billion mobile subscriptions globally.

• Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. In 1995, it was less than 1%. The number of internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013. The first billion was reached in 2005, the second billion in 2010. The third billion will be reached by the end of 2014.


Future Trends to watch

■-Email with social sharing will boost click-through rates more than 150 percent.

■ Social media marketing budgets will double over the next five years.

■ Pay Per Click budgets will increase more than 70 percent.

■ More than 70 percent of press releases will include images.


The following graph shows the number of internet users across the globe in the last quarter of 2013.



(Figures are in millions)

The above figure shows that Asia and Europe stands top in the list and others are on an upcoming stage. Undoubtedly the users are increasing day by day which increases the scope of digital marketing every day.

As traditional marketing strategies are going nowhere, the scope of digital marketing is increasing regularly. It is expected that in 2014 visually attractive content, contests, facts and figures are going to be on the rise. In the recent times, all the major MNC’s like Infosys, TCS, IBM, Jellyfish etc are hiring digital marketing specialists to boost their marketing strategies. It is now clear that the digital age has arrived and it’s time for those who have not yet adapted to the new way of marketing, to open themselves to the new way of interaction.


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New Trends & Updates in Web Design

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Web Design Trends – www.designdirectuk.com

New updates in web design trends will comes out every month. What are the features for a successful website that make these days? Here is a list of what you have always on your site.

1. Flat User Interface

Combination of interactive design involves in flat user interface. Light colors are mainly used in flat user interface design. Flat UI is here in the same position and it keep developing. It will remain in the top position of the web design trends for several years. Successful businesses like Apple and Microsoft are still using it, they cannot afford to ignore it.

2. Card Design

Pinterest is the best example for card design website and most of the web designers are inspired by these types of websites. Creation of tile like elements are led to these type of websites. They are very interactive with visitors and easy to pin, share, comment or engage in other ways.ways.

3. Video Content

Video creation is not an expensive and difficult one. Videos can help to spread your business, products and services to wide area. The video have fast and exciting way to get the message can be transmitted and it is more effective. Most of the web designers successfully used video promotion.

4. Storytelling

websites are mainly created with images and text, if you tell your own story in a more interesting way, then you have the chance to get more readers and visitors on your site.

5. Personal UX

Every major website including Netflix and YouTube are using this strategy. To create custom content, you should use cookies. This method can help to provide  fresh and relevant content and get more returning visitors than presenting the same content.

6. Mobile Design

The present internet era, most people accessing web through mobiles, smart phones and touch pads. Businesses those who have without a mobile friendly website, its very inconceivable the visitors. Mobile-friendly websites must be designed mainly for the small screen, allowing easy navigation in large tactile buttons, and displays only the necessary information and the contents of the user’s needs.

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Professional eBay Shop Design is an Important Factor for Better Sale

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ebay shop design London

eBay shop design by Design Direct UK

Each year people increasingly buy via e-commerce websites. If you want to increase your online sales, it is important to consult with a new strategy to attract new customers. Shopping malls attract more customers because the main reason is people can stand out from the crowd and rush. Shops in the mall decorate with variety and attractive designs that make people notice a shop. For an eBay shop design, we follow the same principle. If you are intent to show that your company is special and that it offers outstanding products, then an original website design is an unavoidable factor. If you wish to update your eBay site, you should customize your logo, banner and top navigation bar of the head section.

eBay footer design and promotion part is also very important. All these features can make a big impact for your customers – even the smallest detail might make the customer can choose your shop instead of a competitor. eBay offers only plain text templates can tedious and not happy for customers. Clients are now used impressive stores that visualize the propositions with an attractive look. Your mission is not only to make your site look good, but to exceed the expectations of your customers and beat competitors with a unique design.

Although it sounds difficult, you cannot make the effort to try to visualize your eBay page. Experienced web design company can help you with the best results that add more value to your site. It is clear that e-commerce store is the future of retail – design the best website is important for a successful business. If you are a constant seller on eBay, then you should investing in a professional eBay store design for your growing business. To help with your eBay shop design our expert web designers London have put together important tips to help result in a professional store design.

  • Add a professional company logo. This gives a good first impression of your eBay store, and gain potential customers.
  • Include a clear and well-written description of the store so that visitors know what you are selling.
  • Put your products at the top of the web page store. Visitors can see your products first.
  • Make sure the background and font colors have good contrast. Your visitors want information clearly and quickly to read, so you avoid colors that make it difficult to read.
  • Use a single background color, to keep the product images crystal clear and also maintain consistency in your eBay listing.


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Is the Poor Online Traffic in Your Website Giving You Sleepless Nights: Invest in the SEO services London and Get Your Online Visitors Back Immediately

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design direct - Traffic-to-Your-Website_m

Your website’s performance on the internet is determined by the ranking it enjoys in any search engine’s top rated website list. As an apparel online store owner, you would want your website to enjoy great online visibility. You are aware of the simple fact that online visitors do not have much time. They log into the first few websites, in the first page of a search engine’s search list and make their online purchases quickly. Therefore if you currently experiencing poor traffic in your apparel online store, it becomes mandatory that you employ the SEO services of web designers North London and get your online business back with a bang. These professional web designers from North London would offer the following SEO elements and integrate these elements into your website design. Some of these SEO elements used by them are as follows-

  • The SEO expert team would accurately tag all the web pages in your website. Each webpage would enjoy a minimum of two tagged keywords. Otherwise, your webpage would get over optimized.
  • When developing a website design with the expert web design London team, the web designer’s expert in various SEO methods, would emphasize the use of external quality links which come from other popular external websites. If you have a good percentage of external links in all your web pages, the search engine would have a good impression regarding your online content. It would thus rate your website high in the top rated website list, for any given search related to your domain.
  • These web designers understand the significance of using text links in your website design. This small technique would help the spider or the crawler of any search engine, locate your website faster and place it on the top rated website list.
  • Using guest blog posting regarding your online store, in various popular websites that enjoy heavy online traffic, is a great tip that many reputed webs designers use in their website design. By using these guest blogs the expert web designers understand that, they are creating awareness among prospective customers regarding your online store. This would in return create a positive growth in your website traffic and encourage good sales closures for your sales team.
  • The web design company from North London would also create social widgets for bookmarking in your website design. This would help to increase the visibility of your website in the online world, within a few days.

With an effective support from a good web designing company which integrates SEO element into your website design, you can solve all your poor online traffic problems immediately. You would perceive these changes in your website within a few days, as the online traffic in your website increases and your business would enjoy a new online brand image and great sales growth in a matter of few weeks. Your perseverance and hard work in choosing an accurate web designing company to solve your poor online traffic problems would pay off, in the long run

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Enhance your online website presence in the internet, when you invest in the services of a good website development company

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design direct uk


The year 2012 has been a milestone year for the internet. It was in this year that Asia reached its billion internet users and Europe its five hundred million online users. Also last year witnessed, around fifty one million new websites being published in the online world. Thus the importance to invest in a professional website designing company has not only become essential, but also a key element of your company’s internet marketing strategy. For a novice, it becomes very difficult to understand the benefits that he and his company would enjoy, when they invest in the reputed service of a web development company like Design Direct UK. Below for your conveniences are a few essential benefits discussed, which you would enjoy, when you invest in the services of a web development company.

One stop destination for all your website solutions

A reputed web design company would have an array of services, which your company could enjoy once it invests in its reliable services. The web designers London who have years of experience in web development would help you to develop the perfect website, which would have its unique online presence. You can be assured that the total web development project from the stage of conception to the final implementation and publishing of the website in the online world would be undertaken by them. You can be assured to receive high quality work from the company’s end.

Optimize your website with SEO techniques

A good web designing company would help you to incorporate the SEO elements in your website from the very beginning, when your website architecture is being developed. SEO techniques when incorporated in your website would help you in many ways which are:

  • Attract the accurate online customer segment towards you website. This would lead to the growth of online traffic for your website, once it has been published.
  •  Increases the brand visibility of your company, once your website starts being featured in the top website search list of every search engine.
  • Both the above elements would help your online business grow considerably in a few weeks time.

Some of the other SEO methods used to enhance your website design would be like keyword density, creating external and internal links in your website.

Enjoy a hassle free experience at great service rates

You are new to online business and do not understand the various technologies and strategies that are essential to make your website enjoy great online visibility. Thus when you invest in the services of web designing company, you are investing your website development in their secure and experienced hands. In return you enjoy a hassle free experience and concentrate on other issues that need your immediate attention. Also these web designing and development companies have great service rates and do not burn a whole in your pocket.

Take a quick decision now and choose a web designing company that would help you to develop a website which would become very popular in the internet quickly. This would be a very good business decision from your end and you would enjoy its benefits in times to come.

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