Professional eBay Shop Design is an Important Factor for Better Sale

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eBay shop design by Design Direct UK

Each year people increasingly buy via e-commerce websites. If you want to increase your online sales, it is important to consult with a new strategy to attract new customers. Shopping malls attract more customers because the main reason is people can stand out from the crowd and rush. Shops in the mall decorate with variety and attractive designs that make people notice a shop. For an eBay shop design, we follow the same principle. If you are intent to show that your company is special and that it offers outstanding products, then an original website design is an unavoidable factor. If you wish to update your eBay site, you should customize your logo, banner and top navigation bar of the head section.

eBay footer design and promotion part is also very important. All these features can make a big impact for your customers – even the smallest detail might make the customer can choose your shop instead of a competitor. eBay offers only plain text templates can tedious and not happy for customers. Clients are now used impressive stores that visualize the propositions with an attractive look. Your mission is not only to make your site look good, but to exceed the expectations of your customers and beat competitors with a unique design.

Although it sounds difficult, you cannot make the effort to try to visualize your eBay page. Experienced web design company can help you with the best results that add more value to your site. It is clear that e-commerce store is the future of retail – design the best website is important for a successful business. If you are a constant seller on eBay, then you should investing in a professional eBay store design for your growing business. To help with your eBay shop design our expert web designers London have put together important tips to help result in a professional store design.

  • Add a professional company logo. This gives a good first impression of your eBay store, and gain potential customers.
  • Include a clear and well-written description of the store so that visitors know what you are selling.
  • Put your products at the top of the web page store. Visitors can see your products first.
  • Make sure the background and font colors have good contrast. Your visitors want information clearly and quickly to read, so you avoid colors that make it difficult to read.
  • Use a single background color, to keep the product images crystal clear and also maintain consistency in your eBay listing.


Is the Poor Online Traffic in Your Website Giving You Sleepless Nights: Invest in the SEO services London and Get Your Online Visitors Back Immediately

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Your website’s performance on the internet is determined by the ranking it enjoys in any search engine’s top rated website list. As an apparel online store owner, you would want your website to enjoy great online visibility. You are aware of the simple fact that online visitors do not have much time. They log into the first few websites, in the first page of a search engine’s search list and make their online purchases quickly. Therefore if you currently experiencing poor traffic in your apparel online store, it becomes mandatory that you employ the SEO services of web designers North London and get your online business back with a bang. These professional web designers from North London would offer the following SEO elements and integrate these elements into your website design. Some of these SEO elements used by them are as follows-

  • The SEO expert team would accurately tag all the web pages in your website. Each webpage would enjoy a minimum of two tagged keywords. Otherwise, your webpage would get over optimized.
  • When developing a website design with the expert web design London team, the web designer’s expert in various SEO methods, would emphasize the use of external quality links which come from other popular external websites. If you have a good percentage of external links in all your web pages, the search engine would have a good impression regarding your online content. It would thus rate your website high in the top rated website list, for any given search related to your domain.
  • These web designers understand the significance of using text links in your website design. This small technique would help the spider or the crawler of any search engine, locate your website faster and place it on the top rated website list.
  • Using guest blog posting regarding your online store, in various popular websites that enjoy heavy online traffic, is a great tip that many reputed webs designers use in their website design. By using these guest blogs the expert web designers understand that, they are creating awareness among prospective customers regarding your online store. This would in return create a positive growth in your website traffic and encourage good sales closures for your sales team.
  • The web design company from North London would also create social widgets for bookmarking in your website design. This would help to increase the visibility of your website in the online world, within a few days.

With an effective support from a good web designing company which integrates SEO element into your website design, you can solve all your poor online traffic problems immediately. You would perceive these changes in your website within a few days, as the online traffic in your website increases and your business would enjoy a new online brand image and great sales growth in a matter of few weeks. Your perseverance and hard work in choosing an accurate web designing company to solve your poor online traffic problems would pay off, in the long run

Enhance your online website presence in the internet, when you invest in the services of a good website development company

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The year 2012 has been a milestone year for the internet. It was in this year that Asia reached its billion internet users and Europe its five hundred million online users. Also last year witnessed, around fifty one million new websites being published in the online world. Thus the importance to invest in a professional website designing company has not only become essential, but also a key element of your company’s internet marketing strategy. For a novice, it becomes very difficult to understand the benefits that he and his company would enjoy, when they invest in the reputed service of a web development company like Design Direct UK. Below for your conveniences are a few essential benefits discussed, which you would enjoy, when you invest in the services of a web development company.

One stop destination for all your website solutions

A reputed web design company would have an array of services, which your company could enjoy once it invests in its reliable services. The web designers London who have years of experience in web development would help you to develop the perfect website, which would have its unique online presence. You can be assured that the total web development project from the stage of conception to the final implementation and publishing of the website in the online world would be undertaken by them. You can be assured to receive high quality work from the company’s end.

Optimize your website with SEO techniques

A good web designing company would help you to incorporate the SEO elements in your website from the very beginning, when your website architecture is being developed. SEO techniques when incorporated in your website would help you in many ways which are:

  • Attract the accurate online customer segment towards you website. This would lead to the growth of online traffic for your website, once it has been published.
  •  Increases the brand visibility of your company, once your website starts being featured in the top website search list of every search engine.
  • Both the above elements would help your online business grow considerably in a few weeks time.

Some of the other SEO methods used to enhance your website design would be like keyword density, creating external and internal links in your website.

Enjoy a hassle free experience at great service rates

You are new to online business and do not understand the various technologies and strategies that are essential to make your website enjoy great online visibility. Thus when you invest in the services of web designing company, you are investing your website development in their secure and experienced hands. In return you enjoy a hassle free experience and concentrate on other issues that need your immediate attention. Also these web designing and development companies have great service rates and do not burn a whole in your pocket.

Take a quick decision now and choose a web designing company that would help you to develop a website which would become very popular in the internet quickly. This would be a very good business decision from your end and you would enjoy its benefits in times to come.

Are You Annoying Your Online Customers When They Visit Your E Commerce Website?

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While analyzing your website online traffic with Google analytics on a daily basis, you wonder what would be your business growth percentage, if all your online visitors could be converted into your permanent customers. But an e-commerce expert would help you to understand that an average website conversion rate for an e-com website is 3% only. This percentage varies from domain to domain. For example the average conversion rate for a financial service website is 10% and for educational services is 8% only. But many website experts are of the opinion that your website might have the presence of a few elements which could be annoy your online visitors, when they log into your website and you unknowingly are losing out on considerable online business. Here it becomes essential that you use the services of an e-com designing company based in London or from any location around the world, identify the problem areas and quickly remove them from your website immediately. For your convenience we have identified a few common ones and make you aware of them.

Web Pages in your website take very long to load

In the age of updated technology, you are killing your chances of enjoying good online sales, if your web pages take more than 15 seconds to load. Here the website design specialist can check what are the reasons behind your web pages being slowly refreshed and immediately offer you solutions in this regard. A very common error here is that your web page might have heavy video or online ads which cause the web page to take time and when loading it. Your online visitor has a few seconds to decide whether it would engage in an online transaction or not with your e-com website. You are thus making things difficult for him and you are testing his patience, as he waits for your web pages to be loaded in your website. Various website development technologies are available today and you can use it to develop a web page which can be refreshed in ten seconds and help you to enjoy a sales closure immediately.

Use accurate product data in your website

When an online visitor logs into your website, he is looking for specific product and various data associated with it. Thus your product description should be crisp, contain the basic details and also additional data which would help him to decide whether he would invest in the product or not. Here you should also maintain accurate inventory details and specify clearly the price of the product. Inconsistent data in these areas would make them lose trust on you and you would have a good customer walking into your competition website and closing sales there.

Posting customer reviews

You might be sensitive regarding posting customer feedback in your website. But this decision could make you lose considerable online business. You must understand that your customer is very well informed and conscious about the product and your website services before he finally places an order in it. When he reads customer feedback in your website, you are actually helping him to make the decision to close the deal in your website. This would also indicate that you give customer opinion significant importance too. Thus connect with your customers, engage and post feedback from them in your website.

In the end create a simple check out process for the customer is mandatory. If the process is complicated he might just hang up and not make the sales closure which is so important for your sales team. The basic golden rule here is not annoying your customers but treat them well and they would make your e-com website an overnight success in no time.

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Are You Aware For these Essential Key Elements Which Would Make Your Ecommerce Website Successful?

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In 2013 only 10% of the total global retail shopping was done online. Retail and online marketing experts are of the opinion that in 2014, this percentage is going to double by end of this year. Both new and old e commerce companies have begin to pay more attention to improve their shipping process, so that the customer receives his goods on time and enjoys an enhanced shopping experience. Infographics data on the internet has indicated that 90% of the total online customers are influenced in their buying decision in the first ninety seconds they spend in your e-com website. Therefore it is very essential for you as an e-com website owner integrate these essential elements in your website which would help you to enjoy a higher percentage of customer conversion ratios, then your competition. Below we have tried to decode a few essential elements in an e-com website, which helps them enjoy great online success throughout the year.

Developing a friendly customer policy

When you log into a popular e-com website in the web, you would notice that there is the presence of data clarity in their websites. Every process, policies, payment, shipment and customer services data is very clearly mentioned. This helps the online visitor to quickly understand the nature of transaction he would need to undertake and creates a trust, which helps him to make a sales closure immediately. The more you develop customer friendly policies for your online visitor, solve the problems they face, your e-com website would enjoy repeat sales and also a positive word of mouth among your online existing customer. This would help you to enjoy more new customers on a daily basis, than any other form of online business marketing strategies.

Implement a crisp product description along with high quality images

You have less than a minute to impress your online visitor; therefore you should take this challenge very seriously. When your website designers design your e-com website, you must inform them to make the product descriptions short and crisp. A high quality image and a video (demonstrating the use of the product) in the product description area would help you to encourage your online visitor to close the sales in your e-com website fast within a few minutes. All the above elements would help your potential online visitor understand the features of the products, answer his queries and map it with his needs. Then he would be convinced to invest in the product immediately.

Easy Navigation Features

It has been estimated that when an online visitor visits a website, he has the intention to buy a specific product in mind. When he does not find the product within a minute, he logs into another website. Whether you are an e-com website owner in London or in Copenhagen, you would want your online customer to enjoy enhanced user experience when shopping in your website. Thus your website should have features like responsive web page layouts. Search features, contact details and clear activity buttons, which would guide the online visitor in your website, when he is making his online purchase. In fact his shopping experience should be hassle free and this would ensure that he would come back to your e-com website again and also recommend it strongly in his inner circles.

You as a website owner should also develop a habit to study your competition, use Google Analytics to study your daily online traffic and incorporate all the essential elements that would make your e-com website a leader in its market segment. This would involve a lot of hard work from your end but once it is implemented you can relax and enjoy your online success in days to come.

Thousands Have Asked this Question to Themselves: How to Choose the Appropriate Ebay Business Model For Your New Ebay Store?

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In the various press released in January 2014, eBay company has showed a sharp increase in their revenue profit by 14% in 2013, when compared to their business in 2012. Being a regular buyer in eBay for some time, you find the idea quite challenging of having your online store in eBay. An eBay expert would help you to understand that one of the most significant factors that you would need to decide on is what E bay business model do you implement in your store in order to enjoy an easy online business success. At a superficial level this would seem very simple but a closer inspection would make you understand, that there are various factors that you would need to consider before you take the correct decision.

What are the factors to be considered when choosing a business model for your eBay store?

Competition in the online world is cutthroat and your online store has just a few minutes to grab the attention of its online visitor and convince it to have a sales closure. But here you should also understand what business model work for one popular store might not work for you. An eBay design expert would advise you to choose a business model which is appropriate for your business and give you great ROI in no time. He would further help you to understand a few important factors that you need to consider before choosing your business model which are:

What are the business objectives in setting up an online store?

When you have decided to start your eBay shop, you have to understand the basic objectives you have in mind when you want to establish your online store. Here you also need to make a realistic study as to how you are going to start this business and then plan the various business strategies you have in mind for implementing them in your store. You might not have the essential experience in the starting your eBay store but you could be helped in this matter by endorsing the services of reputed London designing company who would advise you on which business model to choose for your eBay store and how to customize it. These fundamental basics would in the long run help your online store to grow.

What is the cost of setting up your online stores?

When setting up your online store you would be aware of the budget you have in hand. Depending on your budget you would have to decide the total expenses that you can incur when setting up your online store.  Some business model’s could be more expensive like Liquidation and Surplus business model than Whole-sale retail or Drop shipping business model. The best business decision here to take is to start with a low overhead business model and then move to a new one when your online sales have earned you good profits after a few months.

Studying your competition’s business

Experts in eBay business observe that many first time online store owners do not map their competition well, before starting their business. But here it is mandatory that you study their business models and if necessary implement the same in your online store. In a few months time you would be patting you’re back for back for this, as your online store would be eating into their online traffic and give your online business a great start.

In the end it can be stated that nothing is impossible, all you need is expert guidance and make the correct decisions which would catapult your eBay shop business into levels of success you have never witnessed before.

Now It Can Be Revealed: How to Enjoy a Successful EBay Shop Business

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The current economy is slow and there are many people who have lost their jobs. Among these people many online entrepreneurs have been born and they no longer do conventional jobs but instead enjoy and grow their eBay shop business. Like any business there are a few basic reasons that make a few eBay stores more popular and successful than the rest. On a closer analysis you would find out that these online store owners focus on a few simple things in their online stores. Below we have tried to decode their success formula which would help many new online store owners like you enjoy great online business when these principles have been incorporated in your online store.

Using accurate imaging in your online store

When you log into a successful eBay store, you would immediately realize why it enjoys heavy online traffic throughout the day. The simple secret here is the ample usage of accurate images in their online stores. Most online visitors do not have much time to read the product description’s in text. Therefore when an expert uses a design in your online store, do mention that you would want to use appropriate images when describing your product. This simple decision would help you to reach out to your customers and enjoy great sales growth immediately.

Understand your competition

Before you start your new eBay store it is essential you thoroughly understand what your objectives are starting your online store. Once you have identified your basic business objectives, the next step would be to study competition. Here you should log into popular eBay stores and check how they organize their daily business like what are their fast moving products and understand their bidding process. Once this has been learnt you can implement it in your online store and receive quick online success in no time.

Get yourself acquainted with shipping 

One of the best ways to keep your customer happy is to ship their purchased products to them on time. A shipment delivered on time would not only show your professional approach but would also help you to enjoy repeat business from the same customer. Here you need to understand the shipping cost involved when you price your product for sale and also select the best shipping method that could be used for your online store.

Adding SEO element in your online store

Like any online web content the element of SEO cannot be ignored when writing the online content in your eBay store. You can request the services of a London web designing company who specialize in customizing your eBay stores. These experts would use simple Search Engine Optimization methods like superior online content writing, related keywords and quality videos in your online store. These elements would help your online store to become more search engine friendly and you would also enjoy higher search rankings in their search engine pages.

Focus on the needs of your customers

When you have just started your online store, your customers have to be satisfied on a daily basis, if you want your online store to move to the next level. Therefore you would need to have an effective customer cell, which urgently solves your customer problems immediately. There should also be multiple options for payment that would ensure that your online customer buys the product that he wants from your store only. Otherwise limited payment options would make the customer move to another store and make the sales closure which belonged to you.

When you follow these basic secrets observed by successful eBay entrepreneurs in your new online store, success would be yours in a matter of few weeks. This would just be the beginning of your career as a successful online entrepreneur and many accolades would follow soon.

Understand Now! The Basic Components of a Website

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When you go for a client meeting, you do check yourself in the mirror to ensure that you are well dressed and have taken the necessary steps to create a positive first impression. Have you ever wondered what do your online customers think about your website, when they visit it for the first time? Do they stay in it for a few minutes or immediately type the URL of your competition’s website and make a sales closure there. A web designing expert would explain that a popular website is not just all about having an attractive website design but it contains various website components which interact and combine to create a positive first impression in the eyes of its first time online visitors. You should be aware of these basic components of a website which are explained below for your convenience.

Basic Components of a Website

Front End Components of a Website

When you log into a website, the first things that you view are its front end elements. The various web pages that you view use various updated technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. The front end of a website also has specific page layout and a navigation menu, which clearly depicts the way the web pages in the website are collected and displayed when you view them.  Most web pages would also contain your company’s logo and various videos and images that attract the attention of the online customers into your website.  These above elements combine to create an effective graphic design for your website which gives your website a professional finesse that most online visitors enjoy when they interact in your website.

Online Web Content

The various updates undertaken by Google have increased the relevance of superior online content in a website. If you are looking to increase your online website presence, you would need to assess your current online content quality. In fact if you have excellent online content and good external links in your website, there are high chances that search engines would rank your websites in their top rated website search page more often than before. Thus more and more website owners like you are paying great attention to use related keywords in their websites and they are supported in this endeavor by the website designers who strategically place them in various web pages in the website.

Back End Components of a Website

Websites now days are very interactive and give online visitors an enhanced user experience. The visitors in a website are encouraged to comment on things they like about the website and also mention the areas where the website could improve on. These data inputs from the online visitor’s are stored in a comprehensive database which is an important back end component of a website. In fact many popular websites have their own customer login details and all these details are stored in a powerful database which is connected with the front end elements in a website.

Content Management System

An effective CMS would help your website to be updated without having to edit its various HTML and you can also change the web pages regularly. This simple process would help you to hold the attention of your online customers from London or any other part of the world.

Other essential components in your website are your website domain’s name, the type of web hosting service you use and the various security systems used in your website. By understanding these website components, you are now more equipped to understand how you can use your website to achieve your business objectives in the new days of 2014.

Have You Heard About These Great SEO Trends of 2014?

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seo trends 2014

The year 2013 was an important year for SEO business. It has been estimated that currently 22% of the world’s total population own smartphones. This phenomenal growth among smartphones users all over the world has created havoc in many segments of online business, where website owners realized a simple truth that their websites had to be compatible with mobiles or smartphones. Otherwise they would lose a considerable portion of business among people who used smartphones to surf the internet. Google has also made a few changes in its algorithm and a seasoned web expert would mention that if you want to enjoy a successful online business, you would need to adapt your website to the current changes and follow the best SEO practices to keep your website optimized.

The emergence of superior online content in websites

Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates have changed our perception regarding online web content. Google in order to give its user more enhanced searching experience is paying great attention to superior online content in websites and videos which enjoy good quality. Early SEO techniques like linking and using multiple keywords in your website are no longer relevant. In fact after its various updates Google is penalizing websites that have stuffed their websites with keywords and used links to achieve top rankings in their search engine page rankings. The current trend now is to use specific keywords or phrases which are related in nature. This would also help your website to enjoy a better ranking in various search engine page results and your website would thus enjoy a better online traffic on a daily basis.

Flexibility in website designing

The power of a Smartphone user in the online world cannot be ignored now. More and more websites are being developed which are compatible with various smartphones available today. Thus web-designing experts from north London like their global counterparts in New York or Singapore are developing websites which give the users website designs which enjoy superior quality and easy navigation features. This helps these smartphones users quickly find the things they want in the website and the enhanced user experience makes them come came to their favorite websites many times more. As a website owner you would want your customer to be more and more engaged in your website and the more time he spends in your website, the chances of enjoying a  sales closure is much higher. Your brand value would also get enhanced in the long run, due to this.

The growth of strong partnership between SEO and Social Media

Competition is very tough in the online world and it has become essential for every business owner that they should understand their customer better. The tools of social media like Google+, Facebook and Twitter have attracted people towards them in millions. A successful website designing company would ask its website designers when developing a website to integrate these social media tools in them.  Then with the support of their SEO expert’s website owners would devise online marketing strategies in these social media tools which would help the companies of these websites understand the pulse of their customers and develop their company’s products which are tuned to the needs of their customer. Continuous engagements with their customer’s thru social media tools would help them yield more benefits for their business in the long run.

SEO in 2014 would continue to evolve rapidly giving birth to new techniques and updating old SEO methods with new elements. But a website owner in order to remain ahead in competition has to concentrate in improving its online web content and understand the needs of its customer. These twin insights would catapult them to levels of success that they have never tasted before.

Warning: Stop Making These Web Designing Mistakes as a Website Owner for Your Small Business

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design direct uk

You have been a website owner for your small business unit for some time now. Are you aware of the current trends in web designing? In the last two years the web has become more powerful like never before. More and more web designing experts are using a variety of images to attract their potential online customers into the websites developed by them. This phenomenal change has lead to web pages becoming heavier from 1.28 MB to 1.7 MB. The time is ripe to create wonderful attractive web designs using updated technology like CSS3 and HTML5 supported with fast speed of the internet. You should as an owner of a website for your small company understand that your website is an integral part of your branding and marketing tool.  You have to attract your online targeted customers and sell your company’s product. If you are not aware of this simple concept than you are making a few mistakes which most small business website owners make and this affects their online business in a big way.

Do you know your targeted customer segment?

Most small business website owners in their haste to develop a website and publish it on the internet, forget to do their basic homework related to their customers. Every website has its own targeted customers which may or may not be your customer segment. Thus before you undertake your website development, you have to spend some time to understand your customer segment and analyze your competition’s website too. Once this basic data has been researched, you can then seek the help of web designers from North London and they would help you with specific designs that would attract your targeted online customers. These small fine nuances would also help you to create a good online traffic into your website.

Helping your online customers with their buying decision process

Have you ever analyzed minutely whether your website clearly outlines the next course of actions that your online visitors should undertake, once they have logged into your website? You as an owner of your website have to decide that what you want your online website visitors to do like contacting your customer cell to buy your products, subscribe to your weekly emails or use the search button to search and shop for their chosen product. You just have a few precious seconds to impress them and if your website design is not doing that, you should be geared to handle trouble in your website paradise. Thus it is essential here that you use the advice of a website designing company and help your online customers with their online business decision process and tell them what specific actions they need to undertake when they log into your website.

Be aware of the rates that you are paying for your web-designs

Since you are new to online business, there are high chances that you are not much aware of the various rates related to website designing. It would be a very good idea to speak to a few professional web designing companies who understand your objectives and then choose one that is most suitable for your small company’s budget. You should ensure that you receive quality website designs supported by value added services from your chosen professional website development company.

Once you avoid making these simple mistakes that most small company website owners make, there is great online success waiting for you in your online business segment. It is essential that you understand the power of your website to attract your online customers and do the right things for it to enjoy great online growth in no time.

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